An archive of campus messages regarding COVID-19 can be found below. You can also find links to helpful information from the Commonwealth.

MCLA has set up a hotline phone number for questions related to COVID-19 at 413-662-5550. The hotline is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. You can also leave a message outside of these hours.

Archive Communications

Trailblazer Agreement

Student Consent to SARS-CoV-2 Testing Form

Message to Students About Move-out Procedure and Protocols and Related Information (4/1/21)

Lost Wages Fund Request (3/29/21)

Looking Ahead to Fall 2021 (3/15/21)

Student Message: Updated Information for Spring and Vaccine Guidance (3/10/21)

Reminder to out of state students: MA Travel Order is required when returning to Massachusetts this week (1/19/21)

Student Spring '21 Return (1/11/21)

Message to Students: Spring 2021 Semester Updates (12/14/20)

Communication to Students re: Early Move-Out (11/16/20)

Students Spring 2021 Updates (11/13/20)

Ready for Remote Checklist (11/13/20)

Student COVID-19 Updates: Executive Orders, Travel, End of Semester Move-Out (11/5/20)

Resident Student Fall Move-Out Appointment Scheduling (10/30/20)

Important new protocol for travel from and return to campus (10/29/20)

End of semester move-out and process for limited exceptions (10/21/20)

Student Message Regarding Off-Campus Gatherings (9/3/20)

Return to Campus Student Guide (8/26/20)

Early Add/Drop Period for Returning and Transfer Students (8/25/20)

Important: Trailblazer Agreement (8/19/20)

Important Information for Resident Students about Move-in (8/17/20)

COVID Testing Broad COVID-19 Testing Consent Form (8/17/20)

Fall 2020 Student Update (8/6/20)

MCLA Return to Campus Final Report July 2020 (8/6/20)

Trailblazers Keep Going Initiative (4/27/2020)

Explore. Create. Connect! A new place for community connections (4/6/2020)

Student Communication Update (4/2/2020)

Student update regarding remote instruction resources and other resources (3/26/2020)

Billing adjustments due to COVID (3/23/2020)

Stay-At-Home Advisory (3/23/2020)

Resident Student Update: Retrieving Your Belongings and Waiver Request To Live on Campus (3/18/2020)

Important COVID Related Updates for Students (3/17/2020)

Message to Students: COVID-19 Updates and Spring Break Travel Planning (3/10/2020)

Employee Consent to SARS-CoV-2 Testing Form

Interim Telecommuting Guide

Employee Communication and Travel Updates (4/22/21)

Spring 2021 Pivot to Remote Learning Employee Follow-up (4/1/21)

Faculty and Staff Semester Opening COVID-19 Updates (1/25/21)

Employee Spring 2021 Return to Campus (1/12/21)

Employee Update: Extending Remote Work Until 1/17/2021 (1/8/21)

MCLA Return to Work Guide for all employees

Employee Update: Extending Remote Work Until 1/10/2021 (12/23/20)

Message to Employees: Spring 2021 Semester Updates (12/18/20)

Faculty and Staff Updates: Remote Work, Holiday Schedule, Travel, Testing (11/16/20)

Interim Telecommuting Guide

Faculty and Staff Spring 2021 Updates (11/13/20)

Faculty and Staff COVID-19 Updates: Executive Orders, Travel, and Employee Testing (11/5/20)

COVID-19 Dashboard and Testing Update (9/3/20)

Broad Employee COVID Consent Form (9/3/20)

Employee Return to Campus Health and Safety Update (8/27/20)

Employee Fall 2020 Return to Campus Update (8/6/20)

MCLA Return to Work Guide July 2020 (7/2/20)

Temporary Telecommunication Continuation (6/22/2020)

Return to Work Guide (7/1/2020)

Working Safely on Campus - Training

ADA Accommodation Medical Certification

ADA Request for Reasonable Accommodation

Request for Temporary Telecommuting Continuation Form Spring 2021

Gov. Baker's Executive Order Re: Masks (6/5/2020)

Extended Remote Work (4/27/2020)

Important Message about Equal Opportunity and Equality (41/2020)

Federal Families First: Coronavirus Act (4/1/2020)  (Printable Poster)

Emergency Help for Students in Need (4/8/2020)

Stay-At-Home Advisory (3/23/2020)

Message regarding Telecommuting for Staff (3/17/2020)

Faculty and Staff COVID updates (3/10/20)

Informative Websites

Once you're vaccinated:

Massachusetts FAQs:

MCLA CARES Act, CRRSAA, and ARP Act (HEERF I, II, III) Reporting

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

U.S. Department of Education Information and Resources for Schools and School Personnel

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Information and Resources

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Information on the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Office of Student Health Services