Interim Suspension

Interim suspension may only be taken by the President or a designee in situations where, in the opinion of the President or designee, the continued presence of the student in question constitutes a danger to the student, others, College property or the orderly functioning of the College. This sanction may be imposed immediately and will have the effect of terminating the enrollment of the student until a time when a more complete hearing can be provided. If this sanction is imposed, the student is required to leave Campus and Campus residence immediately.  Whenever this action is employed, however, a hearing will be offered to the affected student with the Associate Dean of Students or designee within forty‑eight hours of the imposition of the interim suspension to review the appropriateness and duration of the interim suspension. The hearing is scheduled for discussion on only the following issues: the reliability of the information concerning the student's conduct, including the matter of the student's identity and, whether the conduct and surrounding circumstances reasonably indicate that the continued presence of the student on the Campus poses a substantial and immediate threat to the student, others or the stability and the continuance of normal College functions.