Cross-Cultural & Social Justice

Cross-Cultural and Social Justice Studies Minor

The minor in Cross-Cultural and Social Justice Studies lets you study and critically engage with important issues affecting people in our contemporary, culturally and socially diverse world. By taking this minor, you engage with themes such as: 

  • Ethnicity, race, culture, gender, and ability as cultural categories
  • Issues of social justice and equality in local and global contexts
  • Past and present experiences of minorities and underrepresented groups in the US and across the world
  • Cultural and intellectual contributions of different socio-cultural groups toward their respective societies in fields such as social, political, and philosophical thought, science, literature, and the performing arts. 

You can combine the minor in Cross-Cultural and Social Justice Studies with any major at MCLA, such as Business Administration, Sociology, or Education. Pursuing this minor lets you acquire knowledge relating to cultural diversity and social justice issues, and develop skills in intercultural communication. This enables you to become a successful and responsible citizen in the increasingly interconnected world of the 21st century.