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In the 2020-21 academic year, 440 alumni volunteered their time, spending 2,650 hours helping with programs that support students and recent graduates

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Sally ShaughnessySally Shaughnessy

From field days for North Adams children to cystic fibrosis runs and park cleanups, we did a lot of good through the sorority and the Inter-Greek Council that stuck with me.

Sally Shaughnessy '02
Project Management Lead at Aten Design Group

With all of the changes that MCLA has had to make to ensure that faculty and students are kept safe and healthy, we felt that it was important for us to do the same.

Shelby Dempsey '21, volunteer, Food Pantry project
Thanks to Dempsey and others, there is now a pick-up service that students can access online. “It’s an excellent way for us to follow social distancing guidelines while also ensuring students are getting the food they need."
DeAnna WardwellDeAnna Wardwell

Service and Leadership

Service is in MCLA's DNA. Leadership, on and off campus, provides the competencies for effective participation in civic and democratic life. These guide us to become responsible local and global citizen. Our Stories are impressions we leave behind that others may follow.

Educators & Entrepreneurs, Skilled in Art and Science

Growing from our history in the arts, sciences and professional programs, we participate and are lead partners in many regional endeavors. Learn more about our community initiatives.

MCLA provides local teachers and students with opportunities and resources in order to connect and support Berkshire County's youth, serving as a pipeline to funnel students into critical industries.

BERC goals are to strengthen the educational experience in environmental areas and sustainability, both for students at MCLA, and for the community that benefits from BERC programming.