Research and Travel Grants

Minigrant Program

Through the MiniGrant Program, students can apply for funds to cover books, supplies, equipment, travel, workshops, etc. ($300 for individuals or $600 for groups) connected to a research or creative project.

The applicant must be an MCLA student who has made or will be making a significant intellectual contribution to the proposed activity. Both individual and group applications are accepted. Groups are two or more students working together on the same project. These grants are competitive in nature; submission does not guarantee funding.

Examples of fundable activities are listed below:

Data-collection surveys
Materials needed to complete a project
Lab equipment
Money to reimburse human subjects
Cost of music or film production Etc.
Gallery openings
Film festivals
Workshops Etc.

A stipend of up to $300 for individual or $600 for a group is available for students conducting research for their projects (e.g. for supplies or compensation of participants in research projects), or to cover costs associated with travel to professional meetings.

To be considered for a MiniGrant, you must submit an application (using the online form link below) describing the nature of your project, research, or travel, and briefly outline the costs that your project or travel will incur.

Application deadlines are:
Spring 24 - March 1st, 2024
Fall 24 - October 20th, 2024

Students will be informed of the review committees decision within two weeks of these deadlines, and must complete any necessary paperwork for the dispensing of funds before the end of the semester.

The form should be completed by the student applicant(s), using the ONLINE FORM.

Please address any questions concerning the application process to:
Graziana Ramsden, Chair of Undergraduate Research, or Caren Beilin, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Research,