Program Details

The Department of Computer Science offers a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Students majoring in computer science will choose to focus their studies in one of two areas of concentration: software development and information technology.

Students working on a circuit boardThe Software Development Concentration prepares students for careers as software developers or for graduate study in computer science. This concentration consists of a solid core of computer science theory as well as several courses in computer programming utilizing a wide variety of programming languages. For a detailed list of this program's requirements consult the Software Development Concentration Checklist.

The Information Technology Concentration prepares students for a variety of careers in computing including information security, networking, system and database administration, and business application development. This concentration consists of courses in security, networking, database, hardware, and computer programming. For a detailed list of this program's requirements consult the Information Technology Concentration Checklist.

Student learning outcomes for both concentrations, as well as all academic programs at MCLA, can be found here.