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Hostile Terrain poster

This academic year, MCLA students are interacting with and contributing to a Berkshire Cultural Resource Center exhibit that sheds light on U.S. border policy and the casualties to which it contributes.

Anna Jaysane-Darr and her children

Dr. Anna Jaysane-Darr will head back to Cape Town to conduct ethnographic fieldwork as she studies what’s being done by therapists, educators, and clinicians who work those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. “I am interested in the ways in which societies conceptualize what is considered ‘normal,’ and how they understand and deal with neurodiversity.”

Sociology dept.

Harvard. NYU. Rutgers. Smith. UMass-Amherst. What do these have in common? MCLA Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work alumni attended grad programs at all of them.