Reports of Alleged Violations of College Policies and Rules

Allegations that students have violated a College policy, including a local, State or Federal law, may be directed to the Student Affairs Division Office. Alleged offenses committed by students living within College residence areas will most likely be initially reviewed by Residential Programs & Services.  In cases when a matter is resolved in residence, typically the Residence Director conducts the hearing.  Some incidents occurring in residence areas, however, may be referred to the Associate Dean of Students for College Conduct System action especially if the presenting information suggests a student's enrollment status may require review and/or there is a history of repeated violations.

Any person in the MCLA community may submit reports concerning alleged violations. Residence area staff, faculty, and other students may submit such reports to Residential Programs & Services or the Student Affairs Division Office; however, three conditions are necessary in order for the college to consider reports/allegations of violations official:

  1. The report must be put in written form. 
  2. The report must be signed by a person writing the report and/or who can act as a witness to the alleged event(s). 
  3. The report must be accepted by a member of the above-specified Student Affairs Office as being sufficient to justify a conduct hearing being held about the matter being reported.

An investigation may occur prior to acceptance of the report.  Any Campus community member who refers a disciplinary matter or a complaint to the named offices is typically expected to participate in and present relevant information and evidence in disciplinary investigations.  Reports developed by the Department of Public Safety or other police agencies may be used to support possible prosecutions of alleged offenses in courts of law off campus.