North Adams City Services

Building Inspector

City Hall, 10 Main St., North Adams, 413.662.3014

When inspecting an off‑campus apartment you should make sure it has a Certificate of Occupancy.  If you feel that your apartment has something wrong with it, you should first ask your property owner to remedy the problem. If your property owner refuses, you should then call the building inspector to see if your apartment should be inspected. Should the inspector find a violation of the Sanitary Code he will inform your property owner that the problem must be fixed within 14 days.

Health Department

City Hall, 10 Main St., North Adams, 413.662.3020

The Code Enforcement Officer inspects off‑campus apartments and issues Certificates of Occupancy.  A building will have a Certificate of Occupancy if the Code Enforcement Officer has inspected the apartment in accordance with Chapter 2 of the State Sanitary Code.

City Clerk

City Hall, 10 Main St., North Adams, 413.662‑3015

The City Clerk issues dog, hunting, fishing, and marriage licenses. They can also provide you with a form to register as a North Adams voter. If you are from out of state and wish to vote, then you should note that there is no minimum length of time in residence to become a Massachusetts voter.