Advertising Policy

Bulletin boards for advertising services and activities are available in a variety of locations across Campus. Bulletin boards within classrooms and those designated as departmental bulletin boards may not be used for displaying general advertisements. Centennial Room monitors, banner space, and Centennial Room table tents are also vehicles for advertising. All flyers, banners and table tents require approval from the Office of Student Development before being displayed.

Approved advertisements receive a stamp indicating an expiration date. Each item must be stamped individually and may not be reproduced. The Office of Student Development will post approved advertisements and remove expired advertisements, as long as materials are received one week prior to the event date.

Advertisements may be displayed for up to three weeks. Upon approval, advertisements for an extended series of activities and advertisements for services that are not time specific may be posted for up to one month. Each group or specific event is limited to one advertisement per board.  Semester-long advertisements are not permitted.

Upon approval, larger posters may be displayed on bulletin boards for a limited period of time. Banners are limited to 5' x 8'. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to remove their banner within 24 hours after their event.

Advertisements may only be placed in approved areas. Displaying advertisements on windows, doors, walls and in bathrooms is prohibited.

All business/company postings that are unrelated to a College program or event will be posted on the "community boards" located in the Campus Center, Mark Hopkins, the library, Bowman Hall and in Murdock Hall.  All flyers must be approved by the Office of Student Development prior to posting.

Advertisements promoting the sale or use of alcohol or contain material deemed inappropriate or offensive to the Campus community will not be approved for posting.

All flyers, banners, and table tents require approval from the Office of Student Development located in the Campus Center 3rd floor room 312 before being displayed.