Student Right to Know

The following is available to current and prospective students from the following sources and locations:




Athletic Program Participation Rates and financial support data 

Athletic Department   

 Amsler Campus Center

Room 109

Campus Policy Governing Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs 

  Student Handbook   

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Student Affairs Division Office

Amsler Campus Center

Room 305

Campus Security Report

Statistics of criminal offenses for the three most recent calendar years concerning the occurrence crime involving students

Campus Security Report 

2019 Clery Report


 Public Safety Department

277 Ashland Street

Completion and Graduation Rates

Annual graduation rates for full-time undergraduates

Data Profile

2019-2020 Factbook

   Institutional Research

Eldridge Hall

Disability Services

Information on services and accommodations available to disabled students

Disability Services


Eldridge Hall

Financial Assistance

Various sources of financial aid and how to apply   

 Financial Aid Guide

    Financial Aid Office

Eldridge Hall

General Institutional Information regarding the College

Undergraduate Program Catalog

Admissions Office

Smith House

Loan Deferment for Peace Corps or Volunteer Service

Information regarding deferment of loan payments while performing volunteer service

Financial Aid Guide


Financial Aid Office

Eldridge Hall

Privacy Practices under HIPAA

Confidentiality under HIPAA

MountainOne Wellness Center

Rights under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

Right to inspect and review student's education records


 Student Affairs Division Office  

Amsler Campus Center

Teacher Preparation and Licensure Programs and Requirements

   Teacher Preparation Handbook

Education Department

Mark Hopkins Hall

Voter Registration
Voter registration forms must be made available to

 Voter Registration Form

Student Records Office

Eldridge Hall

Voter Registration Forms for any state can be obtained online.