General Regulatory Statement

Disciplinary procedures may be the necessary consequence of student misconduct occurring on or off the Campus. This misconduct may include instances wherein students violate local, State or Federal laws. Whenever a student's behavior becomes disturbing to other members of the College community, to the extent that such behavior is believed to hinder the College in its basic functions, then College officials may be required to initiate disciplinary procedures against the student or students in question. 

Students also have a special obligation to live harmoniously in the North Adams community. Therefore, behaving in a way which disrupts or has the potential to disrupt community relations may result in disciplinary procedures against a student or student group. 

Actions that in any way threaten or endanger the personal safety or security of an individual or group are considered grave offenses. This includes endangerment of personal safety or well being. 

In addition, students may be charged with an alleged violation of this general regulation whenever it is believed they violated established laws or other standards of conduct, which are not specifically listed in this Handbook, but are covered by the spirit of this statement.