Failure to Fulfill Conditions of Enrollment

Even though a person is eligible to be admitted to the College community, there are certain conditions all people must meet in order to be enrolled in MCLA and function as a member of the community. Failure to meet and maintain these conditions may result in a hold against future registration and/or termination of a student's current enrollment and/or presence on Campus.  If a student's enrollment is terminated for failure to fulfill conditions of enrollment, he/she may not be on Campus or use Campus resources without the expressed permission of the Student Affairs Division Office.  In addition, the student will not be eligible for refund of any portion of the expenses listed by Student Accounts. 

  1. Accuracy of College Records - Students are expected to provide accurate and complete information on all College forms and documents, including applications for admission and financial aid, references, health and immunization reports, local and home addresses and other types of records.
  2. Class Attendance - The Attendance Policy for MCLA is listed in the most recent edition of the College Catalog. Furthermore, each class may have a separate attendance policy established for it by the faculty member of record for the course. However, should a student fail to attend all of his or her classes for a period of a week or more, without approval from the student's faculty, and should a student be failing all of the student's courses and it can be confirmed there is no way for the student to make up the work in the course/s, then MCLA reserves the prerogative to take steps to terminate such a student's enrollment.  This action would result in residence contract termination as well.
  3. Communications with the College - Students are expected to pick up their mail at the Campus mailroom, check their Campus voice mail, and check their electronic mail accounts assigned by the College regularly. These are the primary communication systems used by the College.
  4. Completion of Registration - Each semester students are required to complete their registration with the College before they are recognized as students of the school.
  5. Conditions Established as Part of Disciplinary Sanctions - All students are expected to fulfill conditions established as part of disciplinary sanctions.  Students who fail to fulfill these conditions may be subjected to additional disciplinary action and/or his/her enrollment may be terminated.  Residence contracts may also be terminated.
  6. Financial Obligations - Students shall be held responsible for all obligations they incur with the College. Failure to comply with this policy, without prior permission being granted, could result in loss of Campus housing, Campus parking, as well as a hold placed against the release of grades, diploma or transcript of a student with such outstanding obligations.
  7. Health and Immunization Records - State law requires all students to provide complete and accurate immunization records in order to be enrolled in any college or university. The College Health Services is primarily responsible for monitoring the compliance of each student concerning this particular legal requirement. If a person should fail to comply with this requirement, the College may either prevent the student from completing their registration or remove the student from the enrollment rosters of the school. 
  8. Health Insurance - State law requires each full time student to possess a minimum level of health insurance during their time of enrollment. Such insurance may be provided by either an insurance carrier chosen by the student or by the student enrolling in the program adopted by the State University System. The Health Services Office provides students with the information about this program.  The law also requires the College to terminate the enrollment of any student who fails to provide proof of proper insurance coverage.