Student Responsibility

MCLA develops and/or adopts rules, regulations, and policies governing certain student behaviors. If an individual, student or student organization or group is believed to have violated any of these standards, then disciplinary action may be initiated by the College against this person or group.

Please note, all policies and procedures found in the most recent version of the Resident Student Handbook are considered to be incorporated into this Handbook, even if these may not be specifically listed or cited in the following text. Should conflicts, however, be found to exist between the wording of the two documents, then the provisions of the Student Handbook will take precedence over the Resident Student Handbook.  For more information about the Resident Student Handbook, contact Residential Programs & Services.

Violence: In general, the North Berkshire Region is a peaceful and safe environment. Violence occurs, however, on many levels in any community and violence takes many forms. No form of violence is acceptable at MCLA. Sexual violence; hate crimes which include intimidation graffiti, electronic communications or other threats; hazing; carrying or using a weapon or other dangerous instruments; assault on a person or property; domestic violence; or any other form of interpersonal violence will not be tolerated.