Free Speech & Assembly

MCLA embraces a student's right to free speech and assembly and recognizes an exercise of ones freedom of expression can contribute to individual and community learning.

  1. All students have a right to demonstrate on College premises provided no such demonstration shall materially disrupt class, work or other College business or involves substantial disorder or invasion of the rights of others.
  2. Students are prohibited from blocking free entry to or free exit from buildings, interfering with free movement or presenting obstacles to regular College activities. Interfering with free movement is defined as any physical denial or restriction of a person's ability to freely reach or leave a given geographical area. Obstacles are defined as physical devices, bodies, or signs causing interference with free movement or sounds preventing normal oral communication.
  3. Any demonstration within a Campus building may take place only during normal operating hours of the building, and any demonstration in a building or area is limited to the number of persons the area can reasonably accommodate on grounds of public safety, as determined by a College official.
  4. There shall be no interference with a demonstration on the grounds of content of speech, except for any speech or demonstration that incites immediate violent actions, represents a clear and present danger to the campus community, is motivated by hate or bias and may constitute a violation of state law.
  5. No student shall intentionally and substantially interfere with the freedom of expression of another person on College premises or at College sponsored activities.
  6. Violation of this Policy constitutes a violation of Campus conduct and may subject a student to dismissal from the College or such lesser sanctions as may be deemed appropriate by the College.