MBA Program Coursework

Master of Business Administration

Professor assisting adult learner"The Department of Business Administration and Economics offers an MBA program that serves the workforce needs of individuals and organizations located in the Berkshires. Through this program, we engage with motivated and talented students who will become the leaders for a creative and sustainable future." - Professor Nancy Ovitsky

30-Credit Program*

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  • MBA 660 - Managing and Leading
  • MBA 662 - Sustainability and Social Responsibility


  • MBA 640 - Financial Management and Policies
  • MBA 643 - Managerial Economics


  • MBA - Elective
  • MBA - Elective


  • MBA 680 Marketing Strategies
  • MBA 661 - Decisions in Operations & Project Management


  • MBA - Elective
  • MBA 690 - Strategic Management of Organizations

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*Typical class schedules. Accepted students will be given actual schedules for each term.