Section VIII

Section VIII - Financing

As noted above, the Teach to Learn project is currently being funding by a combination of in-kind support from the three partner institutions and a grant from the National Science Foundation (Grant # 1432591).

The institutions provide staff time; work and meeting space; access to office supplies and support (such as reproduction of materials); payroll, ordering, and account payable services; and transportation costs to get Science Fellows to the schools. We are currently working on a detailed cost accounting of the value of these contributions.

The NSF grant pays for the two half-time College Liaisons (who earn between $22 and $25 per hour), the Science Fellows (who earn around $10 per hour),  stipends for the Classroom Teachers (currently $800 for school year participation), and $10,000 per year to purchase science supplies.

Our plan is to build sustainability for these ongoing costs by accessing college work study, America Reads and America Counts funding to support the Science Fellows, and to work with our respective institutions to build into the regular budget the ongoing staff costs that are currently covered by the grant.

The summer costs we currently incur in relation to curriculum development will cease after the grant period as we will have completed all the unit development and revision work by the end of this four-year project.