Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing Minor invites students majoring outside of the English & Communications department to pursue a passion, to augment their current field of study, and to join a vibrant literary community both in the creative writing classroom and at a myriad of events. Students in the minor have opportunities to hone skills in writing pedagogy and editing & publishing, or they might find themselves reading their work at lively open mics or receiving mentorship from esteemed visiting authors as they dive into this highly personalized field of study at MCLA. 

Students in the Creative Writing Minor take six courses. 

Student walking by MCAL muralEveryone takes: 

  • ENGL 151 Reading & Imagination OR
    ENGL 151H Honors: Reading & Imagination
  • ENGL 208 Experiments in Creative Writing 

Take four of the following: 

  • ENGL 202 Writing Identities 
  • ENGL 209 Writing and the Visual
  • ENGL 230 Creative Writing: Poetry 
  • ENGL 235 Creative Writing: Fiction 
  • ENGL 289 Special Topics in English
  • ENGL 303 Creative Writing: Prose
  • ENGL 308 Writing Associate Workshop 
  • ENGL 331 The Story of English
  • ENGL 341 Hybrid Poetics OR
    ENGL341H Honors: Hybrid Poetics
  • ENGL 363 Travel Writing 
  • ENGL 394 Film and the Creative Writer
  • ENGL 410 Special Topics in Creative Writing 
  • ENGL 430 Advanced Poetry Workshop 
  • ENGL 435 Advanced Fiction Workshop
  • ENGL 493 Teaching Assistantship in English 
  • ENGL 500 Independent Study 
  • ENGL 540 Internship in English