Faculty Professional Work

Summer-Fall 2017

Conferences and Meetings

Prof. Anthony Daly, History, Political Science and Public Policy – History, presented at the North American Conference for British Studies, Denver, CO Nov. 2-6.

Prof. Jenna Sciuto, English/Communications, attended the South Atlantic Modern Languages Association Conference, Atlanta, GA, Nov. 3-5.

Prof. Sumi Colligan, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work – Sociology, presented on “Landscape of Resistance in the Middle East” at the American Anthropological Association in Washington, DC, Nov. 29-Dec. 3.

Prof. Frances Jones-Sneed, History, Political Science and Public Policy – History, presented on “The Journal of Negro Education 1932 – 1963” at the Association of African American Life and History in Cincinnati, Sept. 27 – Oct. 1.

Prof. Dale Fink, Education, presented on “Children’s voices about recess—and having it taken away,” at the American School Health Association national conference, St. Louis, Oct. 10 – 13.

Prof. Ely Janis, History, Political Science and Public Policy – History, presented at the American Conference of Irish Studies West Regional in Spokane, WA, Oct. 18 – 22.

Prof. Kerri Nicoll, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work – Social Work, presented at the Council on Social Work Education, Oct. 19 – 22, in Dallas.

Prof. Sharon Claffey, Psychology, presented a workshop at the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Oct. 19 - 22, San Antonio, Texas.

Prof. Jenna Sciuto, English/Communications, presented at the American Literature Conference, Boston, May 25 28.

Prof. Erin Kiley, Mathematics, presented at the International Microwave Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2 – 15.

Prof. Jim Moriarty, Business Administration and Economics, attended the Local Sustainable Economies: Building Entrepreneurship and Community Resilience conference, Boston, June 7 – 9.

Prof. Nancy Ovitsky, Business Administration and Economics, attended the EAMI International Conference – Managing in a Global Economy, in Queensland, Australia, June 18 – 22.

Prof. Matt Silliman, Languages, Interdisciplinary Studies and Philosophy – Philosophy, presented at the Annual Meeting of the North American Society for Social Philosophy, Chicago, July 12 – 16.

Prof. Liz Hartung, Mathematics, attended the Teaching track of the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering group at Tufts University, Aug. 7 – 11.


Lectures and Events

Prof. Melanie Mowinski, FPA, presented a Brown Bag lecture titled: “We The People: How Art Has Been and Can Be Engaged With Activist and Political Causes” on Nov. 2.

Dean Monica Joslin gave a presentation titled “Bring Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) Closer to Home: Establishing a Regional Network to Support Faculty and Institutional Change” with statewide colleagues at the Annual AAC&U STEM meeting in San Francisco on Nov. 2-4

STEM Program Manager, Shannon Zayac, Dean Monica Joslin and Prof. Ann Billetz attended the Mass STEM Summit: Progress Through Partnership in Worcester on Nov. 14. Prof. Ann Billetz was part of a team leading a session titled: Mass PKAL Regional Network: Promoting Professional Development, Networking, and Workforce Readiness.

Prof. Nicole Porther, Biology, challenged her Intro. to Community Health course students to identify a health issue facing our community and develop a service learning project that would allow students to engage with members of the community.

Prof. Maria Bartini, Psychology, presented a Brown Bag Lecture on September 7, titled “Status of Youth Sports in the U.S.”

Prof. Deb Foss, Psychology, presented a Brown Bag Lecture on October 5, titled “What Contributes to Student Success at MCLA? Moving from Anecdotal to Empirical Data.”

Prof. Tom Byrne, Psychology, gave an invited address at the Berkshire Association of Behavior Analysis and Therapy annual conference Oct. 12 - 13 in Amherst, Mass.


Professional Development

A group of five faculty led by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Adrienne Wootters, attended the SENCER conference at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York, Aug. 3 – 6. They were: Prof. Erin Kiley, Prof. Chali Nondo, Prof. Christopher Thomas and Prof. Kebra Ward.



An article by Prof. Samantha Pettey, History, Political Science and Public Policy, was accepted for publication in the peer review journal Political Research Quarterly, titled “Female Candidate Emergence and Term Limits: A State-Level Analysis.”

Prof. Paul Nnodim, Languages, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Philosophy – Philosophy, published a chapter, “The Conception of Person in African Philosophy” in the book Life, Body, Person and Self: A Reconsideration of Core Concepts in Bioethics from an Intercultural Perspective. Graetzel and Guhe (Eds.), Freiburg: Karl Alber.

Prof. Tom Whalen, Business Administration and Economics, is publishing his book, Complexity, Society and Social Transactions: Developing a Comprehensive Social Theory, with Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought.

Prof. Jenna Sciuto, English/Communications, has received a contract from the University of Mississippi Press for her book, The Poetics of Policing: Sexuality and the Color Line in Twentieth-Century Hemispheric American Literature.