BERC Resources


MCLA offers both an introductory and an advanced course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial ModelingArcGIS software is available for use on computers in several labs on campus, making this cutting edge environmental technology accessible to the campus community.  In cooperation with the Environmental Studies program, several Garmin Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers are also available for students to check out and use in data collection for various field projects.

Laptop Accessibility

The Environmental Studies program also offers laptops that can be checked out by students for use in Venable Hall for academic purposes such as synthesizing and analyzing data, report preparation, and online research.

Scully Forest

The Scully Forest is an approximately 60 acre treasure that is managed by the Environmental Studies program and the BERC at MCLA.  It is the field site for various Environmental Studies courses and other campus programs, and is an ideal setting for demonstrations in land use, ecology, and other environmental science areas.

Photovoltaic Cells

Located on the rooftop of Venable Hall, these cells not only provide alternative energy generation, but also act as a functional classroom for those interested in sustainable energy technologies.  The power output of the array and other parameters including air temperature and wind speed can be monitored online at

Flex Fuel Vans

Two 8-passenger Ford vans are made available by BERC for MCLA use.  The vans allow for the transport of students and the campus community for lab and field courses, meetings, projects, community outreach, and research.  The vans were acquired by BERC and have FlexFuel capability, being able to use both ethanol and gasoline as a fuel, further demonstrating our commitment to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and lowering our carbon footprint.