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Accelerated 3 year BA Degree

Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program

3 year BA programMCLA now offers an exciting opportunity for business students – the Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program. The program lets highly-motivated and hard-working students complete a general business administration degree in three years, instead of the traditional four.

Excellent candidates for the Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program will enter with Advanced Placement (AP) or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit – but all motivated, hard-working students may apply. High school students should contact MCLA admissions advisors to help plan which high school courses will complement a Business Administration major.

Because MCLA is consistently ranked as a top public liberal arts institution, you can be confident that your education in the Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program will be of the highest quality.

Program Highlights:

  • Innovation: MCLA is one of the first four-year public institutions in Massachusetts to offer this opportunity.
  • Flexibility: You can transition into our traditional “MCLA in 4” business program without missing out on credits.
  • Mentoring: Once accepted, you’re matched with a business faculty advisor, to guide your course selection and internship placement.
  • Experience: The program’s unique internship offering provides placement for students who meet the internship criteria.

Student at computerEnrollment in the Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program is full-time, across six regular semesters plus two summer semesters. The program includes on-campus, hybrid and online courses, as well as summer internships. Students meet with their faculty advisor to develop a degree completion plan for their individual needs. Completing the Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program makes college more affordable, and lets you join the workforce a year ahead, or start a graduate degree more quickly – all with the same high quality educational experience as a four-year degree student.

BADM Accelerated three year program (120 credits)


Fall – 15 cr Spring - 16cr
BADM-100  BADM-206
MATH-xx  BADM-224
ENGL-150  ECON-142
ECON-141  CCCA-xxx
CCSS-XXX  Elective

SUMMER: – 9 credits (6 cr elective + 3 credit core, CCHH )


Fall – 16 cr  Spring – 18 cr
BADM-260 BADM-270
BADM-210 ECON-316
CCST-100 BADM-201 or BADM242
BADM-225 MODL-102
Elective CCCA-xxx
PHED-(1cr) BADM Elective

SUMMER: 12 credit internship (or any combination of Upper Level cr and internships = 12 cr)


Fall – 16 cr Spring – 18 credits
BADM-300 Elective BADM-510
ENGL-306 CCAP-300
CCCST-lab BADM-3xx
BADM-340 Elective
Elective CCHH-xxx