This Spring, we're offering a series of workshops as well as virtual and in-person support by appointment. Check out our Bookings page to schedule!

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Virtual Workshops

Engagement without Video

If you've been teaching synchronously, you may have found yourself on Teams facing a grid of initials rather than faces. Although you might be tempted to require cameras, giving students the option to keep them off is an equity and privacy issue. Using face-to-face as our model, we often assume that video presence is necessary to build community and foster active participation. However, teaching virtually enables all kinds of new channels for communication and engagement; depending on your course, they might even be more effective than live video. In this workshop, we'll explore some of these strategies and how you can leverage them in your teaching.

Live Collaboration with Office Docs

Did you know that Microsoft Office has built-in tools to support live collaboration? We'll explore how you can leverage Office docs in your courses to open up different channels for students to communicate and work together. We'll also look at how to integrate Microsoft Office directly within your Canvas courses.

Student Survey: Course Design Implications (With CTL)

At the end of the fall semester, we asked MCLA students to reflect on their experience with online and hybrid learning: what was valuable as well as and what interfered with their learning. In our initial analysis of their 200+ responses, we've distilled a handful of general trends with implications for course design. In this workshop, we'll explore these trends and how you can respond to them with your Canvas course design choices.

Open Faculty Salon (With CTL)

Join colleagues for a mid-week, free-form chance to refresh, commiserate, inspire, question, share - whatever you need! Hosted by CTL and AcTech.

Designing Online Final Exams

Final exams are online this semester — let's dig into what's possible with Canvas quizzes! We'll look at the different types of questions Canvas supports (spoiler alert: there are brand new options!), review quiz-taking constraints and grading settings, and discuss best practices for creating online exams that test the learning outcomes you care about.

Flexibility: Worth keeping? (With CTL)

A global pandemic has forced us to make some radical individual and institutional changes in our teaching practices. When the public health crisis has passed, will our assumptions, methods, and expectations simply revert "back to normal"? Or is some of what became necessary during COVID actually better for students? This workshop opens a conversation to explore what practices may be worth keeping in the years A.C. (after COVID). Can looking at our practices in a new light help us identify inequities previously hidden by routine and tradition?  And, now that they're uncovered, how might we address them?

In-Person Orientations

PTZ Training (Blended Classroom Tech)

Using the blended classroom technology setup for the first time? Just want a refresher? Sign up for a PTZ training! Sessions will cover camera and mic settings, Teams meeting setup, as well as how the setup can be customized to meet your teaching objectives. We also have a blended classroom checklist.

Mobile Media Cart Training

IT is rolling out 10 mobile media carts for quick-and-easy lecture capture... including in-demand features like picture-in-picture. While the classroom PTZ gear is great for "live," synchronous meetings, these mobile carts are optimized for high-resolution pre-recorded video and lecture capture.

All media cart trainings are held in 209 Murdock Hall. Schedule an orientation or check out our guide


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