Kennedy Clark

Adjunct Instructor, Environmental Studies

Kennedy Clark
(413) 662-5481
Center for Science & Innovation


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-
Amherst, 2010

M.A., College of William and Mary, 1992

B.S., College of William and Mary, 1988

Courses Taught

ENVI 320: Methods in Environmental Research

ENVI 350: Introduction to Wildland Fire


My work has emphasized research and applied management in ecology particularly in various aspects of biodiversity conservation. My past work has included imperiled species research, endangered species reintroduction, rare species monitoring, invasive species management, ecological restoration, paleoecology, and wildland fire ecology. My current work includes developing a series of fire management plans for several state-owned properties.


Methods in Environmental Research

This course covers the design, use, and implementation of techniques for collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data from field or laboratory studies by reviewing current research methodologies and approaches in environmental science. Students learn to find and evaluate a range of scientific literature, communicate competently in a concise scientific manner, design a sound sampling strategy for obtaining representative data, use statistical analysis to interpret data, and plan a research project.

Introduction to Wildland Fire

This course gives students an overview of the wildland fire environment, fire ecology, and fire management. The course is targeted at students who will be conducting research directly or indirectly in disturbance ecology, plan to work with a land management agency or organization with which wildland fire is an issue, or as an introductory first step for students who may be considering a career in wildland fire. We focus largely on the Northeast, but also cover national and global issues.

Selected Publications

Clark, K. H., A. Etkind, J. Carlson, W. Korby, and K. Cote. 2017. Fire Management Plan for Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area. Prepared for Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Prepared by Northeast Forest and Fire Management, LLC, Sandwich, MA.

Kittredge, D.B., K. H. Clark, M. Ohman., and P. Huckery. 2006. Protection of habitat for state-listed rare flora and fauna in Massachusetts during timber harvesting. Natural Areas Journal 26:198-207.

Patterson, W.A. III, J.A. Richburg, K.H. Clark, and S. Shaw. 2005. Paleoecology of Calf Island in Boston’s Outer Harbor. Northeastern Naturalist 12:31-48.

Clark, K.H. 1997. Monitoring of the Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle (Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis) on Sites Protected by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, 1996 and 1997, Final Report. Natural Heritage Technical Report 96-19. Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage, Richmond, Virginia.