Minor in Environmental Science

ENVI 150H Honors Introduction to Environmental Systems (4 cr)

ERTH 152 Introduction to Physical Geology (4 cr)

At least 12 credits from below; at least 6 must have an ENVI prefix:

Environmental Science

ENVI 320 Methods in Environmental Research

ENVI 360 Special Topics in Environmental Science

ENVI 401 Independent Research or ENVI 540 Internship


ENVI 225 Nature of New England

ENVI 351/BIOL 351 Ornithology

BIOL 160 Introduction to Biology II: Organisms

BIOL 324 Marine Biology

BIOL 332 Bryology and Lichenology

BIOL 334 Field Botany

BIOL 341 Conservation Biology

BIOL 353 Entomology

BIOL 354 Ecology

ENVI 375 Aquatic Ecology


CHEM 150 Introduction to Chemistry I

CHEM 152 Introduction to Chemistry II

Physical Science

ERTH 270 Weather and Climate

ERTH 271 Landforms

Upper-level ERTH courses

ENVI 325 Geographic Information Systems

ENVI 425 Adv Geographic Info Systems

PHYS 131 General Physics I

PHYS 132 General Physics II

Environmental Studies (not more than 3 credits)

ENVI 152H Honors Environmental Sustainability

ENVI 260 Green Living Seminar

ENVI 350 Special Topics in Environmental Studies

ENVI 315/ECON 315 Environmental Economics (3 cr)

ENVI 340 Environmental Law

ENVI 310 Politics and Environmental Policy (3 cr)

ENVI 355 Everglades and South Florida