Student Organization Basics

Starting a new club

To become an officially recognized SGA Club, clubs must:

  • Have at least 14 members, including the four officers, and one advisor (a member of the faculty, staff or the administration). Each club or organization must be nonprofit, non-discriminate and run by students.
  • Fill out New SGA Club Form stating the purpose of the new club and write a club constitution to be approved by the SGA Constitution Committee.

**Sports clubs must also submit signed copies of the Club Sports Participation Agreement from each member.

Maintaining club status

To maintain recognition within SGA and receive funding, clubs and organizations must:

  1. Send its President and Treasurer to one finance meeting held each semester with the SGA Budget Finance Committee.
  2. Submit a record of all meeting agendas and minutes using the meeting minute submission form.
  3. Follow all budgetary procedures as outlined below.
  4. Submit a current list of the officers to the Coordinating Vice President and SGA Office Manager.
  5. Complete any programming requirements as outlined by the constitution.
  6. Adhere to the SGA Non-Hazing Policy.

Losing club recognition or funding

  • Failure to abide by the SGA Constitution and its By-Laws
  • Failure to meet the requests made by the SGA Student Senate regarding finances, constitutions, etc.
  • Extenuating circumstances deemed necessary by the Student Senate
  • Inactivity for a period of three (3) consecutive semesters


SGA clubs and organizations have access to a variety of basic office and craft supplies in the SGA Office (CC316). This includes two computers, a black and white printer, a color printer (for up to 5 copies) and banner making materials.

Banners: Clubs are allowed to reserve space to hang a banner in the Campus Center Marketplace to advertise their event by filling out the Non-Classroom Space Request Form.

Flyers: All posters, flyers, table tents, and banners must be approved by the SGA Office Manager prior to being displayed. BW copies of flyers are free, color copies are $0.20/ copy and can be purchased using a club’s budget through the copy center after approval. Approved materials will receive a stamp highlighting an expiration date from the Student Development Office (Campus Center 310).


Once recognized by SGA, clubs and organizations are eligible to apply for a budget to use SGA funds. The amount of funding an existing club or organization receives is determined by the SGA in the Spring of each year based on club membership and activity. Once allocated, each club is responsible for maintaining their own budget. To apply for more funding, clubs and organizations can submit a Supplemental Budget Request form

Club Spending

Clubs and organizations can use their budget to run events, fundraisers, trips, and more. ALL club and organization spending requests must be submitted on the SGA website three weeks in advance and preapproved by the SGA treasurer. Submit the SGA Card Purchase Request form in advance to borrow the SGA card. The SGA credit card and Walmart cards can be checked out of the SGA office for two hours at a time after spending is approved.  For purchases where a credit card cannot be used, a Purchase Order Form can be filled out here.