Student representatives

Executive Board

Dean Little headshot

  Samantha Schwantner headshot

Dean Little

Vice President


Coordinating Vice President
Samantha Schwantner

Nicholas Strezynski headshot

Nicholas Strezynski






Elizabeth King headshot

Public Relations Chair
Elizabeth King

Fabby Bogardus-Street headshot

Senate Chair
Fabby Bogardus-Street

Joseph Bellsa headshot

Senate Secretary
Joseph Bellas

Jacob Vitali headshot

Student Trustee
Jacob Vitali

Senators At-Large

Joseph Bellsa headshot Fabby Bogardus-Street headshot   Shannon Prouty headshot
Joseph Bellas Fabby Bogardus-Street Vacant Shannon Prouty
Paula Kingsbury-Evans headshot   Cameron Gasco headshot Bradley Odell headshot
Paula Kingsbury-Evans Vacant Cameron Gasco Bradley Odell



Special Senate Representatives

Vacant Ryan Dube headshot Vacant Vacant
Athlete Greek: Ryan Dube Commuter Resident

Class Senate Representatives

Vacant Vacant Antoinette Webster Sophie Smith headshot
2020 2021 2022 2023: Sophie Smith


Class Officers

2020 President:           Josephine Burlingame
2020 Vice President:    Allison Williams
2020 Treasurer:          Vacant
2020 Secretary:          Carrie Fontana
2021 President:             Vacant
2021 Vice President:      Vacant
2021 Treasurer:            Vacant
2021 Secretary:            Vacant
2022 President:            Vacant
2022 Vice President:     Vacant
2022 Treasurer:           Vacant
2022 Secretary:           Vacant
2023 President:           Edgar Perez
2023 Vice President:    Vacant
2023 Treasurer:          Jacob Wedge
2023 Secretary:          Vacant

Are you interested in becoming a Student Representative and joining Student Government?

SGA will be holding elections during Spring 2020 where ALL positions are available.

Election information TBA.