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The Mind’s Eye is a research & praxis initiative of MCLA anchored in interdisciplinary academic programming in & beyond the Berkshires. Through justice-oriented collaborative projects and outreach efforts, The Mind’s Eye aims to foster scholarly excellence & community across a range of publics.

First established in 1977 as a scholarly journal of MCLA, The Mind’s Eye has stood as a model the civic discourse and critical thinking constitutive of a liberal arts education for over 45 years. In 2013, past print issues of The Mind’s Eye were digitized by MCLA’s Freel Library.

Today, The Mind’s Eye carries on a tradition of scholarly and creative engagement through dynamic projects and expansive programming — including colloquia, symposia, lectures, and roundtable discussions — that address a wide range of cultural topics, socio-political inquiries, theoretical concerns, and creative practices. 

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Inquiries about The Mind’s Eye may be directed to Dr. Victoria Papa, Director of The Mind’s Eye and Assistant Professor of English (MCLA)    

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Archival images courtesy of MCLA’s Freel Library