Green Living Seminars

Green Living Seminar Series Spring 2021:

Individual Actions and Environmental Sustainability

Presented by the Environmental Studies Department and the MCLA Berkshire Environmental Resource Center (BERC)

Every semester the Green Living Seminars center around a different topic, timely and relevant in current sustainability issues.

Presentations will be broadcast on Northern Berkshire Community Television Channel (NBCTC) 1302 at the following times:
Wednesdays at 7:30pm
Fridays at 4pm
Saturdays at 3:30pm
Sundays at 11:30am
Mondays at 5:30pm

Please note:
Due to COVID-19 - ALL Green Living Seminars will be webinars that start promptly at 5:30 p.m EST.
Please register via links below.

If you have any questions, please contact Elena Traister: or 413-662-5303

 Spring 2021 Webinar Schedule  View Poster

1/27:  Individual Actions and Climate Change: Which are most effective?; Dr. Seth Wynes, Concordia University, Postdoc
           Click here to watch the Webinar on YouTube

2/3: Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy; Rachel Fey, Power to Decide, Senior Director of Public Policy
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2/10: Cycling for Sustainable Cities; Dr. Ralph Buehler, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Professor and Chair of Urban Affairs and Planning
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2/17: Consumer Demand for Fuel Efficient Vehicles and the Role of Social Marketing; Dr. Lisa Watson, University of Regina, Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Programs, Associate Professor of Marketing
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 2/24: Factors that Influence Demand for Green Power; Lori Bird, World Resources Institute, Director, US Energy Program and Polsky Chair for Renewable Energy

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3/3: Factors that Influence Electric Vehicle Adoption: Dr. Ona Egbue, University of South Carolina Upstate, Associate Professor of Informatics and Engineering Systems
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3/10: Framing Messages to Make Them Appealing; Dr. Nell Putnam-Farr, Rice University, Assistant Professor of Marketing
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3/17: The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior; Dr. Christie Manning, Macalester College, Director of Sustainability
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3/24: How Emissions Information Can Help Prompt Travelers to Purchase Greener Flights; Dr. Angela Sanguinetti, University of California, Davis, Research Environmental Psychologist
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3/31: Promoting Recycling Behaviors in Massachusetts; Dr. Jason Seacat, Western New England University, Professor of Psychology
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4/7: Factors that Influence Household Adoption of Energy Efficient Appliances; Dr. Chien-fei Chen, University of Tennessee, Director of Education and Diversity & Research Associate Professor
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4/14: Individual Behavior and Global Environmental Problems; Dr. Elizabeth R. DeSombre; Wellesley College, Camilla Chandler Frost Professor of Environmental Studies
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