Learn & Travel in Italy


Summer 2024

May 19 - June 15, 2024

DR. Graziana RamsdenItaly



Complete your Core Language requirement over 6 weeks on the Mediterranean coast in Salerno, Italy.  Learn to speak and understand Italian in a unique, full-immersion program taught by Prof. Graziana Ramsden – a native speaker of Italian with 20-year teaching experience at MCLA – in the historic building of our educational partner Accademia Italiana.  

Board with host families in Old Town Salerno, who provide you a room and two meals a day.  On weekends, experience a series of high-impact activities such as guided visits to historic, archeologic and cultural sites, as well as classes in ceramics, Italian gastronomy and Music.  Enjoy your free time on sunny beaches and panoramic cities. 
Italian 101 & 102: May 19-June 15 (M-F 9am-1pm) 6 Credits
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MCLA tuition for six credits + additional course fee of approx. $2400 (includes airfare, transportation, host family room and board, excursions, and travel insurance)
Guided Visits: (included in the price above): 

Salerno : The second largest city, after Naples, in the Southern Italian region of Campania.  It is considered the gateway to the Amalfi Coast and it looks over the Mediterranean.  It features a medieval center, monumental 19th century buildings along the shoreline and a mid-century district on the hills overlooking the sea.  You will also visit the Castle of Arechi and the Botanical Gardens.  Read more here: Salerno travel - Lonely Planet | Italy, Europe



Amalfi (May 25): One of the four Maritime Republics of the Renaissance which controlled the Mediterranean for 300 years, Amalfi is one of the most panoramic coastal cities in Southern Italy.  Read more here: All You Need to Know About the Amalfi Coast in Italy (amalfi-coast-italy.com)




Pompeii (May 26): The ruins of Pompeii left behind by the greatest volcano eruption in Italian history, are famous all over the world as the embers preserved some aspects of Ancient Roman life.  Read more here: Homepage - Pompeii Sites Official Pompeii Archaeological Site 






Naples (June 1): The cultural centre of Southern Italy, Naples is the third largest city in Italy.  It has been the capital of many kingdoms throughout its history, therefore it features a royal palace, imposing cathedrals, splendid museums and a bustling city centre, as well as an awesome shoreline.  Read more here: Visit Naples Official - The guide of the city of Naples. 


Caserta (June 8): The Royal Palace of Caserta is a UNESCO Heritage site, and it is the largest royal palace in the world.  Read more here: Home - Reggia di Caserta (cultura.gov.it) 



 A full itinerary with other recreational activities will be shared in Spring semester 2024. 

Accommodation (included in price above)  

Students will board in Salerno, students are accommodated 20-25 minutes walking distance from the school and city centre.  The host families are Italian, so students will experience the authentic Italian lifestyle as well as practicing the language in a real-life situation.  Students share double rooms, kitchen and bathroom, and will be provided two meals daily.   Informal restaurants, bars, pubs and eateries abound around the school.