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Ph.D., University of California - Santa Barbara, 2003

Laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere, Universita' di Venezia "Ca' Foscari", 1993


All levels of Spanish

Beginner Italian

Courses Taught

All levels of Spanish

Beginner Italian

Dr. Graziana Ramsden

Professor, Modern Languages


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About Me

In my language courses I emphasize content-based instruction at all levels, so I present cultural information and materials alongside the language. Language and culture are inseparable, in fact many language quirks such as idioms, onomatopeyas or preference for certain grammar structures instead of others can be explained as effects of a particular worldview.

In my Spanish and Latin American Cinema course, I use film as a springboard for discussion of contemporary issues in Latin American and Spanish societies, of aesthetic tensions and of key historical moments.

My Travel Courses welcome a wide population of students. The travel component takes up a large portion of the course, however students are still required to complete assignments before and after departure.

In all of my courses, research and presentation are required.


Special Projects/Activities

DGCE Bargaining Chair, MSCA, 2019-present

Grievance Officer, MCLA Faculty Association, 2019-present

President of MCLA/MSCA Faculty Association, 2015-2019

Member of Honors Advisory Board, 2003-present

Faculty Sponsor of Alpha Chi honor society


Research/Creative Interests

My research interests focus on foreign language teaching methods, applied linguistics, and integration of social media in a foreign language environment. I have also worked in the field of cultural studies, of gender theory, and of Iberoamerican film.