I. Diversity Statement

Complete vetting process and post the statement
Engage Task Force in publicizing the statement and have stakeholder groups consider how it can inform their work.

II. Creating Equality

The Creating Equality series continues through this academic year. A number of Task Force members are involved in planning speakers and activities connected to it.

III. Diversity climate survey

Use the Task Force to brainstorm some goals for this process
Write an action plan to engage a consultant to carry out the survey
Use Spring 2015 to plan; depending on timing, conduct the survey or hold over to Fall 2015.

IV. Multicultural requirement

The academic programs subcommittee has explored developing a multicultural graduation requirement. The next step is to look at fitting this into the current Core curriculum perhaps by weaving into Tier II. The group will invite Kris to its next meeting.

V. Professional development

The Task Force has recommended engaging one or two speakers for the remainder of the year who could speak to supporting the achievement of underrepresented students, and how best to do this in the academic context.