Julie Richburg

Adjunct Professor, Environmental Studies

Julie Richburg
(413) 662-5481
Center for Science & Innovation 225


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-
Amherst, 2005

M.S., University of Massachusetts-
Amherst, 1999

B.S., Tufts University, 1989

Courses Taught

ENVI 350: Ecology of Invasive Species


Dr. Julie Richburg is currently an ecologist for The Trustees (a state-wide non-profit land trust). She works on natural resource inventory and management for properties owned or managed by The Trustees in western Massachusetts (approximately 9,000 acres). Most recently she has been working on several projects to address erosion on Trustees’ properties, restoring 10 acres of floodplain forest, and planning for the stewardship of 3,000 acres of forest at Notchview Reservation. In 2008, she wrote “Invasive Plant Management: Guidelines for Managers” which includes guidelines for prioritizing invasive plant management by property or region. In 2009, she organized a partnership of individuals, organizations, and agencies interested in invasive species control within the Westfield River Watershed. She is currently the chair for the Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group.


Ecology of Invasive Species

Invasive species are impacting natural habitats around the world. This course will review the main stages of the invasion process and the important concepts and theories at each stage. We will review and build on basic population and community ecology theories. A focus on New England ecosystems and the impacts of invasive species on those systems will bring concepts and theory into habitats familiar to the students.

Selected Publications

2012 Richburg, J.A. Floodplain Forest Restoration along the Housatonic River. Newsletter of the Ecological Landscaping Association. October 2012.

2005 Richburg, J.A. & C.L. Henlin. Does lower than normal rainfall affect storage of carbohydrates in the roots of invasive shrubs? Ecological Restoration 23(4): 282-283.

2005 Richburg, J. A. & W. A. Patterson III.  Historical description of the vegetation of the Boston Harbor islands: 1600-2000. Northeastern Naturalist 12(3): 13-30.

2004 Richburg, J. A.  Aplectrum hyemale (Muhl. ex Willd.) Nutt. (Puttyroot) Conservation and Research Plan for New England. New England Wild Flower Society, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. 

2001 Richburg, J. A., W. A. Patterson III, & F. Lowenstein. Effects of road salt and Phragmites australis invasion on the vegetation of a western Massachusetts calcareous lake-basin fen. Wetlands 21(2): 247-255.

2001 Richburg, J. A., A. C. Dibble, & W. A. Patterson III. Woody invasive species and their role in altering fire regimes of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Pages 104-111 in K.E.M. Galley and T.P. Wilson (eds.). Proceedings of the Invasive Species Workshop: the Role of Fire in the Control and Spread of Invasive Species. Fire Conference 2000: the First National Congress on Fire Ecology, Prevention, and Management. Miscellaneous Publication No. 11, Tall Timbers Research Station, Tallahassee, FL.