Dr. Nicole Porther

Assistant Professor, Biology

Nicole Porther
(413) 662-5031
Center for Science & Innovation 208F


Ph.D., Florida International University, 2015

M.P.H., Florida International University, 2012

B.S., Howard University, 2004


Courses Taught

HLTH 150: Intro to Community and Public Health

HLTH 200: Health Promotion and Planning

CCAP300/HLTH 300: Ethical Issues in Healthcare

HLTH 310: Environmental health

HLTH 350: Health Communication

HLTH 540: Internship in CHE

BIOL 312: Epidemiology

BIOL 412: Research Methods in Epidemiology

BIOL 590: Internships in Health Sciences

BIOL 330: Biology Seminar

BIOL 343: Anatomy and Physiology II

PHED 215: Lifetime Wellness

Research/Creative Interests

A specialist in public and community health and the coordinator of the Community Health Education program.  She earned a B.S. in Biology, a Master in Public Health and a Ph.D. in Biology, and she will be certified as a Community Health Education Specialist. She has taught Introductory Public Health and Foundation of Environmental Health Science, among other courses, and she displayed a clear vision for our program in Community Health Education. Dr. Porther plans to focus her research on the cultural, social and environmental barriers and inequities involved in the prevalence of renal disease, as well as on molecular markers of renal disease. Other areas of research interest include effectiveness of new pedagogical techniques and environmental health. In the 2017-2018 academic year Dr. Porther will teach Intro to Community Health Education, Health Promotion and Planning, Bioethics, and Anatomy & Physiology II, and she will supervise internships in community health education. In the future she will also teach Epidemiology, Research Methods in Epidemiology and other courses in her area of expertise.