Information on Student Refunds

Please note that this information applies to over-payments on the account, not the College Refund Policy. Please click here for the College Refund Policy.

If the payments on a student account exceeds the charges, the student will be issued a refund. This occurs roughly one month after the start of the semester, but some refunds may be issued later depending on the academic program or type of fund.

All student refunds, with the exception of Federal Parent Plus loan refunds, are issued directly to the student. Over-payments from a Federal Parent Plus loan are refunded to the parent borrower if the approved loan application indicates it. Students are notified via their MCLA email when a check is available for pick up and they will need a picture ID (student ID, driver's license, etc.) in order to receive their check.

Please note that over-payments from a credit/debit card will be refunded back to the card that issued payment whenever possible.

Student refund checks are stale dated 120 days after the date of issue. Refunds resulting from federal aid MUST be tendered within 240 days of the original check issuance or funds will be returned to the Department of Education.

Further inquires regarding student refunds can be directed to Student Accounts by calling 413-662-5230 or emailing