The purpose of the CARE Team (Community, Assessment, Response, Education) is to identify as early as possible students who are in need of support to achieve success academically and/or socially as members of the MCLA campus community. The purpose of the CARE Team includes coordinating the provision of various levels of intervention ranging from informal reminders to individual case management based upon evaluation of risk factors. The information that this Team discusses is confidential. 

Any Campus Community member can submit a notification report that will go directly to the Dean of Students for review and referral to the CARE Team.

The CARE Team is a self-sustaining committee that is led by the Dean of Students, Student Affairs Division.

Reasons to refer a student to the CARE Team include:

·         The student remains distressed following attempts by you and others to be helpful

·         The student becomes increasingly isolated, unkempt, irritable or disconnected

·         The student's academic or social performance deteriorates

·         The student's behavior reflects increased hopelessness or helplessness

·         The student shows significant and marked changes in behavior or mood

·         The student demonstrates an inability to care for oneself


The CARE Team is comprised of key campus community members that can provide direction for referrals, interventions, and strategies for individual student success. This committee will meet regularly to address the CARE Team reports received and address trends as a proactive approach in support of student success.  There could be a decision to request a CARE Team meeting for immediate review of report.  There are times when additional members of the Community will be requested to join based on information received about a student(s).

·         Dean for Title IX, Equal Opportunity, and Student Wellness - Chair

·         Dean of Students

·         Dean of Academic Affairs 

·         Director of TRiO Program

·         Director of Athletics

·         Director of Residence Life & Housing

·         Director of Counseling Services

·         Executive Director for Student Persistence

·         Chief of Police

Additional Departments/Offices that can be requested to attend a meeting.

·         Faculty Members

·         Police Department

·         Chief Diversity Office

·         Health Services

·         Disability Services

·         Veterans’ Services

·         Marketing and Public Relations

·         Other Dept./ Campus Members as needed

CARE Team Notification Report

The CARE Team notification report is a valuable tool to help monitor students who are having academic and social concerns.  The CARE Team uses this notification in order to take concrete steps to assure that each student receives appropriate support.  The CARE Team report can be found on the MCLA Portal page and the following link

CARE Team Report Form

Importance of Confidentiality 

Confidentiality Statement: Providing effective recommendations to improve student success requires the collection of information regarding academic and student life.  Some of the information collected and discussed is protected under FERPA guidelines.  CARE Team members recognize the sensitive and confidential nature of the information collected and discussed during CARE Team meetings and communications. Disclosure of protected information to necessary parties will be determined by the Dean of Students; with documentation of what material will be releases, to whom, and for what purpose.

Additional Resources:

Connect with Counseling Services: Making an Appointment Students are seen at Counseling Services by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, students are welcome to call Counseling Services and speak with a member of our staff or call (413) 662-5331 between the hours of 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. Students may also email Counseling Services with scheduling or other non-urgent questions at

Guide to Helping Students in Crisis

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