The Art of Jessica Park



Jessica Park, Epcot, 2013Jessica Park, Epcot, 2013

The Art of Autism: 

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Outsider Art and Artists: 

Museum Exhibitions and Conversations

—"Creative Collisions at the Bennington Museum: Inward Adorings of the Mind,” Folk Art Messenger (spring/summer 2016)

"Inside the Outside: Reconsidering Our Views about Art.” Folk Art Messenger (winter 2015)

Cultural Outsiders

“Puerto Rican Folk Art: Three Kings Festival and the Santos Tradition,” Folk Art Messenger (spring/summer 2017)            

"Street Art in Aruba: The San Nicolas Murals" Folk Art Messenger (summer/fall 2020)  

“Honoring Honar: Afghan Mural Art in Brattleboro, Vermont,” Folk Art Mesenger (fall 2022) 

Outsider Art Project

—"The Outsider Art Project: Exploring Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access", MCLA Institute for Arts and Humanities (spring 2020)  

"2021 Report on the IAH Faculty Fellowship Project”: Developing the Outsider Art Project Curriculum with Digital Media Self-Portraiture 

Native American Artists

Southwest Journey: “Paul Joe—Medicine Man Artist,” "In the Spirit of Tradition—Three Generations of Women Artists.”  

The Poetry and Art of Young People at The Poetry Studio 

"Another World: Young People Speak Through Poetry and Art” Folk Art Messenger, summer 2022 

“Birthing Poetry: A Window into The Poetry Studio and the New Collection Another World: Poetry and Art by Young People,” Teachers and Writers Magazine (April 22, 2022)