The Berkshire STEM Pipeline Network is part of a state-wide initiative bringing together higher education, PreK-12 and other educators, and businesses for the improvement of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and work force development within our community.STEM Pipeline Logo

Our Goals

The Network was created to:

  1. Increase student interest in STEM areas.
  2. Increase student achievement among all PreK–12 students in order to prepare graduates to be civically and college and/or career ready
  3. Increase the percentage of skilled educators who teach PreK–16 STEM
  4. Increase the percent of students completing post-secondary degrees or certificates in STEM subjects.
  5. STEM degrees and certificate attainment will be aligned with corresponding opportunity in STEM-related fields to match the state’s workforce needs for a STEM talent pipeline.


Connect with Berkshire STEM

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