Kick-off to College

First Days Information

Saturday, August 29 - Monday, August 31, 2020

The beginning of school is an exciting time for the campus and for our new students. Welcome Week begins with a 3-day social and educational program in which all new students can become better acquainted with the MCLA community. We look forward to having all our new students join in our college community through this first three-day experience. 

Our program is sure to engage you in the spirit of our campus through community sharing opportunities, academic life components as well co-curricular experiences. Events throughout these days are carefully selected to assist with your transition into our MCLA college community.

Events that occurred within the Welcome Week Program and as part of our Welcome Back series throughout September included:

  • Academic success workshops
  • Community building speaker sessions
  • Annual community service necessities drive
    March to Victory and Engagement Fair
  • Traditional Academic Convocation followed by the President's Cookout Lunch
  • The Student Activities Council also hosts late evening programming like: SAC Salute to Summer Fest and Comedian Lauren Faver
  • Mt. Greylock Annual Hike: September 7th - open to new and returning students - Register today!