MCLA Biology & Health Science Majors Present at Department Seminar

MCLA students delivered presentations during the biology department seminar to share their high-impact experiences during clinical in the health science field and in the classroom.

Abby Smith ‘23, Samantha Mindermann ‘23, Lauren Harrison ‘23, Emilie Krzanik Provost ‘23, and Katie Mellett ‘23 shared their radiologic technologist clinical rotation experiences, Devin Kogut ‘23 and Alex Holcomb ‘23 shared their sports coaching internship experiences, Lena DuPont ‘24 shared her experience as a Teaching Assistant for Genetics and as a Biology Tutor, Austin Rachiele ‘22 shared his clinical observation experience at Berkshire Medical Center, and John Wright ‘23 shared his independent research project involving horizontal gene transfer in bacteria. Biology Seminar


The Department Seminar Series consists of guest speakers in health science and biology – some of which are alumni- and workshops that focus on the difference between curriculum vitae (CV), resumes, cover letters, and personal statements. At the end of the semester, students give presentations to the entire department based on their experiences and the work they’ve done during their internships or clinical observations and takeaways from the course curriculum.

The biology department seminar has occurred for roughly 10 years. In the past, it only took place during the fall semester, but now it happens during both the fall and spring semesters, said Biology Professor Dr. Ann Billetz.

“It’s two-fold for the student's perspective,” she said. “It gives them a chance to present what they’ve done but also to encourage the younger students to see the options available in our department.”

Senior Katie Mellet shared her experiences participating in radiologic technologist clinical rotations at Albany Medical Center.

“I believe many people do not know what happens in the radiology program as we learn on campus and off-site. I think that the more we talk about our program the more interest it will peak in others,” she said. “I enjoy spreading experiences about what we do.”

Mellett agreed that it’s beneficial for younger biology students to understand and learn more about their future opportunities. She added that she enjoyed participating in patient care and shadowing professionals during her clinical rotations, especially at a high-ranking trauma hospital.

“I have been fortunate to do both years of my clinical rotation at Albany Med,” she said. “The technologist there really helped me become the person I am today. The experience is unlike any other you will get.”