2022 LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Housing Information

Housing for the 2022 Leadership Academy will be in Berkshire Towers. The room charge is $50 per calendar day for a private room and $25 per calendar day for a double room with a roommate.

To apply for Leadership Academy housing, please complete an application that includes paying your non-refundable $100 housing deposit. Applications are due no later than Friday, May 27th. You will receive your specific housing assignment and other important information in mid-June.

Here are the answers to some common housing questions Leadership Academy participants have:

1. How are assignments made?

Assignments are made in the order that participants paid their deposit for the program. In other words, a person who paid a deposit in April will be assigned before someone who paid a deposit in May.

2. May I choose what type of room I will live in?

Yes. You may choose to live in a private room or a double room with a roommate.

3. I'm not familiar with Berkshire Towers. Can you describe the building for me?

Berkshire Towers is a suite-style, twin-towered residence area. Each floor of the Towers has three suites. Each suite has three to five bedrooms, a bathroom and a lounge. Each room has a MicroFridge.  WiFi is available throughout the Towers.

Watch a video of Berkshire Towers and take a look at where Berkshire Towers is located on a campus map.

4. May I choose my own roommate?

The application form allows you to provide us with the name of a your chosen roommate. We do not randomly match roommates, so it is important that you determine your own. To insure that you get assigned with your chosen roommate, please make sure that you and your roommate both write each other's names on your applications and that you both submit your applications by the Friday, May 27th deadline.

5. I want to live in a double room, but I do not have a roommate in mind. What should I do?

Your best option is to network with the other Leadership Academy participants to identify a compatible roommate.

6. I have a medical or psychological issue that requires a housing accommodation. What should I do?

Please visit the College's Disability Resources web page for information about requesting a housing accommodation. Instructions and required forms are available there. Please note the Friday, May 6th deadline for submission of the completed paperwork.

7. Can I cancel my housing request after I submit an application?

Your $100 deposit is non-refundable, however, you can modify or withdraw your housing request any time up to Friday, June 10th and not be responsible for the remaining portion of your housing bill.

8. What else should I know about living on campus this summer?

Well.....There's a lot more to know and we have a guide that we will make available to you when we provide you your specific assignment. This publication will contain everything from check-in/check-out information to a packing list. In the meantime, if you have any housing questions feel free to contact the Residence Life & Housing office at reslife@mcla.edu or by calling 413-662-5249.