Returning Student Housing Assignment Process: 2021-2022

a SIMPLE GUIDE to THE 2021-2022 Returning Student Housing Assignment Process...

The Returning Student Housing Assignment Process (HAP) is a fully on-line process that takes place on The Housing Director (THD). Each student has access to the process through Self-Service THD. The timeline of this year's HAP is as follows:

Wednesday, 5/5 - Wednesday, 5/19 Housing Application Priority Process
Week of 5/24 Roommate/Apartment Mate Selection Process
Weeks of 5/31 and 6/7 Assignment Selection Process


Priority Housing Application Process (Wednesday, 5/5 - Wednesday, 5/19)

Students who submit their Housing Application and register for Fall 2021 classes by Wednesday, 5/19 are eligible for priority assignment selection. This means you will be able to select your room/apartment assignment before other students who submit their applications later. The Housing Application consists of the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement (RAOA) and some general questions. To access the Housing Application, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Self-Service THD.
  • Click on the Applications tab on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Click on the Housing Agreement 2021-2022-Current Students application.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions of the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement (RAOA) in full. If you agree, electronically sign in the box at the bottom of the page. Click Continue.
  • Complete the next two pages of the application by clicking on Continue after each page.
  • Check your MCLA e-mail account for confirmation that your application was successfully submitted.

After submitting the Housing Application, students should consider which residence area they would like to live in and with whom they would like to live. We have created an exclusive Facebook page where students can make roommate and apartment mate connections, People Looking for People. If you have a group with one or more vacancies or are looking to join a group with one or more vacancies, placing a posting on this page has proven to be VERY successful in the past.

In order to form a Townhouse apartment group, it is important to understand the "rules" of apartment group formation for 2021-2022 and the various occupancy types of types apartments.

  • Regular design occupancy will be in effect in the coming year including two students in each double room. 
  • Groups must consist of either four or six individuals in order to fill each bed in an apartment. Take a look at the Townhouse HAP Map to understand the design occupancy of each apartment and to understand the difference between Phase I four-person apartments and Phase II four-person apartments. (Six-person apartments have the same design in every apartment.)
  • Only groups that have Senior Perks-eligible members can reduce the occupancy of an apartment. In this situation, a Senior Perks- eligible member can convert a double room into a premium single. This option is limited to six-person apartments and Phase II four-person apartments. 
  • In order to be eligible for Senior Perks, a student must have completed their on-campus residency requirement. Receiving this status is not based on the number of credits a student has completed. If you have a question about the end date of your residency requirement, you can find it on Self-Service THD. (Note: Students who live within the College-designated commuting range, should contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing if they have a question about their eligibility for Senior Perks.)

Students requesting to live in Berkshire Towers or Hoosac Hall in the coming year, can participate in HAP alone or with a selected roommate. If your enter the process alone, your rank will be based on the number of academic credits you have completed. If you go into the process with a selected roommate, each of your ranks will be added together and averaged to create a roommate pair rank. A typical floor map of Berkshire Towers and a typical floor map of Hoosac Hall have been provided for your reference.

Roommate/Apartment Mate Selection Process (Week of 5/24)

During this part of the process, students will select their room and apartment mates on Self-Service THD.

Additional information about this part of the housing assignment process will be available during the week of 5/17.

Assignment Selection Process (Weeks of 5/31 and 6/7)

During the last part of the process, students select their actual assignment. This is done via a ranking system that is based on the number of academic credits earned. In the Townhouse selection process, the rankings of all the member of an apartment group are added and averaged to create a group rank.  

Additional information about this part of the housing assignment process will be available during the week of 5/24.

Frequently Asked HAP Questions

We've answered some of the most frequently asked HAP questions. Take a few moments to read the answers to be sure you are fully informed about the process!

Additional Assistance is Always Available!

Just contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing by sending an e-mail to or calling 413-662-5249.