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Painting of dog on man's chest on couch
by Jennifer Zoltanski

Outsider, Breck Young  

Dog Diaries  

This eclectic issue of The Mind’s Eye explores the tangible and symbolic bonds that people have with dogs. Submissions include poetry, fiction, science fiction, essay musings, artistic works, photojournalism and more formal academic research/papers. The loss of one’s beloved dog companion is so psychically traumatic that many dog owners …

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Dogs in art gallery
by Jennifer Zoltanski

Photograph Credit: Dog Chapel, Jennifer Zoltanski  

It has been nearly one year since my dog Amber of 14 years died at home in my arms in the company of her three closest pals Toby, Remi, and the Professor. The event went as well as these things …

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Drawing of two dogs
by Carl Nelson

Curled Up, Bailey Brissett  

Our Old Dog (Curled in Some New Position) His ears daydream. And he barks at poltergeists who shuffle upstairs. When he dies, my son wants another just like him. That’s a pretty good testament, I’d say. The cat will miss our dog, but like a wife will go on living …

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Painting of dog
by Julia Wendell

Instinctual, Nicole Stearns Accomplice It still had its spots when I startled it from the underbrush. It still lived in simple declarative sentences. Where was its mother? Probably dead in the gauzy autumn light of a new hunting season. Or worse: listening nearby. I yelled for the dog, as the bleating turned to gurgle. Nothing …

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Dogs in India
by Susan Haris

Photograph Credit: Susan Haris  

Street Dogs in India: Urbanization and Biopolitics in the Anthropocene Abstract. This paper explores the street dog in India, and shows how usual categories of analysis escape this animal because of its distinctive position in the Indian social spaces. Further, the street dog is situated in a discourse of environmentalism …

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Abstract image of coyote
by Gregory Scheckler

Coyote Fog, Gregory Scheckler Eraserville Alvin donned a hand-rolled circle of old computer wires as if it were a clumsy hat. His image reflected in his living room's picture window, which reflected faraway as a tiny rectangle on the inside curve of a vast transparent dome. Its protective bubble arced over trees and fields, the tents …

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Photo of Rosie
by David and Nicole Branden-Johnson

Photograph Credit: Rosie, David and Nicole Braden-Johnson

Ode to Rosie Perked ears attuned to every word and action Raise questions of the depth of knowing, when One phrase is met with eager-eyed attention While others vex or reach beyond her ken. No greater joy or resolve than giving chase With a victorious howl and rhapsodic …

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Dog in field
by Shawn Rosenheim

Photograph Credit: Shawn Rosenheim  

Triptych with Pets 1. I had Barron for two years.  He was the first dog I’d owned as an adult -- a portly black Lab who never missed a chance to escape.  Our yard was large, but not large enough for Barron: whenever one of the kids left a door …

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Drawing of pink man
by Michael Chin

Image Credit: Michael Chin

PINK MAN I started losing Tim when he hit high school. I guess everyone does. After all, what are those teenage years for but developing independence by way of rejecting your parents? I stayed out past curfew to make out in vacant parking lots, then started climbing out my bedroom window …

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Blond dog
by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Photograph Credit: Alonso Inostrosa Psijas  

White Dog Dawn. I descend to the lower level of our home. And there in the yard is a large soft- haired white dog on its haunches, statuesque yet cloud-like in the morning haze. He should have been in my dream, or perhaps he is, as I ascend, once again, …

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