A Tourist in Your Own Home

A Virtual Exhibition: Curated by Shasha Dothan


“A Tourist In Your Own Home” is an online exhibition curated by artist Shasha Dothan. Along with five artists Dothan invited, who are also immigrants to the United States, they created video works about their 2020 experience. This exhibition looks at each immigrant’s struggle and the notion of home. Is the new country you live in your home? Is the country you were born in your home? Being confined at home for the last year due to Covid 19, immigrant artists may struggle even more with the questions of displacement. Many questions about home and feeling like you don’t belong become more difficult.

In this online video exhibition, the selected artists will represent different facets of immigrating to the US. Each artist comes from a different country and culture. Each has their own story. What they all have in common is living in the US in 2020, trying to build a future for themselves. The show will ask, will you become a tourist in the land you were born? And also, are you at home in the land you now live in? Finally, is the realm of art an alternative home for immigrants?

The artists Jisoo Chung, Marton Robinson, Shirin Bolourchi and Ali Azhari, Tania Zaidi and Shasha Dothan choose to look at this time in a different way, with a different perspective and in a different language. All these stories are connected to an individual experience but share a universal feeling of being lost in translation.