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Scissor-tailed flycatcher
by Mark Miller

The following is an excerpt from the much longer essay named in the title, “Scissor-tailed Flycatcher,” which in turn is part of a much longer work entitled Life Birds. This excerpt explains the genesis of the poem that follows and that ends “Scissor-tailed Flycatcher,” though that bird appears neither in the excerpt below nor in …

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old photograph of a man standing by water with spheres over his head
by Gregory Scheckler

Path: Received: Sloane Subject: = URGENT: new discovery From: G Message-Id: Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2016 07:57:36 -0400; encryption protocols To: Sloane Attachment: photo.jpg letters.pdf June 10th, 2016, Boston Hey Prof. Sloane, As we discussed on Skype, I’m forwarding copies of the letters for analysis. Found them in my grandpa's attic, folded up inside antique …

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Village East marquee
by Mariana Bolívar Rubín

Globalization, population’s mobility, and the increasing visibility of disenfranchise sectors of society continues to shape the production of national imagery in Latin American film. Nuevo Cine Venezolano, the most recent expression of national cinema, represents an enormous shift in the nature of the interaction between the cinematic industry and popular representation Amidst the failures of …

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Pattern fabric
by Ann Scott

A Few Words About Shibori, Indigo, and Kites I have been a dedicated maker and shaper of textiles for decades, continually fascinated with the ancient processes used to transform a collection of fibers into a woolen rug, a linen napkin, or a finished garment. Carding, spinning, dying, weaving, knitting, hooking, beading, stitching, embellishing: although …

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Reflection of dusk in a subway car window
by Thomas B. Whalen, Ph.D.

Photograph by Viv Gaudet

This article is an excerpt from a book that will be published in September 2017 entitled: Complexity, Society and Social Transactions: Developing a Comprehensive Social Theory. This book develops a comprehensive social theory which explains the ontology[1] of society, culture, and the economy. I have modified the manuscript slightly so that it …

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A collection of logos
by Shawn McIntosh

Bad news seems to be everywhere for news organizations today. Budget cuts leading to declines in newsroom staff, decreases in advertising revenues for print publications and the growing shift for many newspapers and news magazines such as Newsweek, The Christian Science Monitor, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer to digital-only formats, combined with the uncertainty about potential new …

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